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Issue Upgrading/Migrating from QC 10 to QC 11

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Occasional Advisor

Issue Upgrading/Migrating from QC 10 to QC 11



I am currently trying to upgrade from QC 10 to QC 11 (SQL Server 2005 to 2008) but there is an issue with upgrading the Site Administration database.  The QC 11 and SQL Server 2008 is on a separate box so the project/SA tables are being migrated to the new installation


After encountering similar problems from others' upgrade attempts, I created the 'td' user with the following to get past the 'td' user permission issues -

Server Roles:





User Mapping for qcsiteadmin_db: 







However, after these changes, when I try and upgrade the SA database (disabled SA schema validation checking b/c the generic failed validation error does not help), I get the following error:




Upgrading schema of table 'ADMIN' in database qcsiteadmin_db






Failed to upgrade table 'ADMIN';

Stack Trace:
at com.mercury.optane.core.db.convertor.CColumnsDescriptor.upgradable(CColumnsDescriptor.java:94)
at com.mercury.optane.core.db.convertor.CTableDescriptor.shouldUpgradeColumns(CTableDescriptor.java:342)
at com.mercury.optane.core.db.convertor.CAbsDbUpgradeWriter.upgradeTableColumns(CAbsDbUpgradeWriter.java:227)
wrapped in com.mercury.optane.core.CTdException: Failed to upgrade table 'ADMIN'
at com.mercury.optane.core.db.convertor.CAbsDbUpgradeWriter.upgradeTableColumns(CAbsDbUpgradeWriter.java:242)
at com.mercury.optane.core.db.convertor.CDBConvertor.upgrade(CDBConvertor.java:948)
at com.mercury.optane.core.db.convertor.CDBConvertor.upgradeDB(CDBConvertor.java:890)
at com.mercury.optane.core.db.convertor.CDBConvertor.upgradeDB(CDBConvertor.java:859)
at com.mercury.optane.core.db.convertor.CDBProject.upgradeProject(CDBProject.java:221)
at com.mercury.td.saserver.setup.CAbsInstaller.upgradeSiteAdmin(CAbsInstaller.java:1408)
at com.mercury.td.saserver.setup.CAbsInstaller.upgradeSiteAdmin(CAbsInstaller.java:1376)
at com.mercury.td.saserver.setup.CAbsInstaller.upgradeSiteAdmin(CAbsInstaller.java:1339)
at com.mercury.td.saserver.setup.CSiteAdminInstaller.createDatabase(CSiteAdminInstaller.java:544)
at com.mercury.td.saserver.setup.CAbsInstaller.load(CAbsInstaller.java:186)
at com.mercury.td.saserver.setup.CAbsInstaller.main(CAbsInstaller.java:857)
at com.mercury.td.saserver.setup.CAbsInstaller.newInstallMain(CAbsInstaller.java:797)
at com.hp.qc.install.setup.QcConfigWorkerTask$6.run(QcConfigWorkerTask.java:211)
at com.hp.qc.install.setup.AbstractWorkerTask$ActualTask.<init>(AbstractWorkerTask.java:143)
at com.hp.qc.install.setup.AbstractWorkerTask$2.construct(AbstractWorkerTask.java:75)
at com.hp.qc.install.setup.SwingWorker$2.run(SwingWorker.java:114)
at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:619)




Please help!



john scarpino
Honored Contributor

Re: Issue Upgrading/Migrating from QC 10 to QC 11

The following may help.




 To upgrade a Quality Center 10 project to Quality Center 11 on a new Microsof SQL Database server.


 1. Deactivate the project in version 10.

(NB: If this is a version control project ensure all checked out entities have been checked in before taking a backup of the project)


2. Make a DB backup of the QC project schema.


3. Make a backup of the QC 10 project folder from the repository on the file system.


4. Create a new project in QC 11 and name it the same way as the desired restored project name.


5. Remove the newly created project from QC 11. (DO NOT DELETE IT)


6. Restore the DB backup of the QC 10 project schema in the new DB server on the schema that was created when the new QC 11 project was created and restore project repository to the new location.


7. Link the td user with the td login by executing the below SQL query on the restored project schema in the DB server:

EXEC sp_change_users_login 'update_one', 'td', 'td'
exec sp_change_users_login 'report'


8. Edit the dbid.xml file. There is only 1 entry that needs to be edited from Y to N, please check below:





9. Delete the folder called "ProjRep" and leave just the already edited dbid.xml file.


10. Restore the project from Site Administrator.


11. Run the Verify tool.


12. Run the Repair tool if needed.


13. Upgrade the project.


14. Activate the project.


15. Login in order to verify if everything is ok.




 Also is attached is the QC 10 Database Best Practices Guide.




I hope this helps.

John Scarpino, D.Sc.


Occasional Advisor

Re: Issue Upgrading/Migrating from QC 10 to QC 11

Thanks!  This method eventually worked for me.  There were a couple extra steps where I had to tweak the migrated project databases for td user/schema permissions, but it worked.

Acclaimed Contributor

Re: Issue Upgrading/Migrating from QC 10 to QC 11

SO what wer ethe xtra steps you needed to tweek so I can se ethe full list of steps that eventually worked for you?  I'm going through the same thing now but we're coming from QC 9.52.

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event