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In QC Scheduler for QTP doesn't work

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In QC Scheduler for QTP doesn't work



I have lots of QTP script needs to be run after time.

That's why I need to schedule it after hours let's say around midnight.

I am not sure if I've done the right thing.

I explain briefly.

In QC 10, Test Lab section, I added a test set and in Execution Flow, I set the time scheduler to be run at a time.

But, neither it runs nor gives a error message.

By the Way, I can run manually without any problem.

Just in case you might need the QTP version which is QTP 11.


Any help is appreciated




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Re: In QC Scheduler for QTP doesn't work

That is not a scheduler, just an execution manager.


If you select Run Test Set and then leave the execution window open, the tests will begin at the time you specified. 


Keep in mind, however, that the tests will not run on screen saver locked machines.  So you may need to find a way to unlock the host macine(s) prior to the execution time.

Trudy Claspill
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Re: In QC Scheduler for QTP doesn't work

There is also a tool for running test sets. Refer to
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