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How to split a QC project

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How to split a QC project

We have set up our two major divisions commercial and non-commercial on one QC project. Now Commercial wants to be seperated from non-commercial but they want all commercial data needs to be carried to new project. Please suggest us is there any approach to split project that can carry only commercial data.

Environment Details are QC Enterprise 11.0 Patch 14.

Database is on oracle
Operating system of app server Window Server 2008 R2 SP1 x64 bit
JBOSS is the application Server.
Current project schema size is 40GB
Project Repository is at 600GB

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Re: How to split a QC project

Given the size of the project (based on the disk consumption you listed) I would say most methods that might be used for splitting the project are high risk. I think the least risky option is for you to make a full copy of the project for the Commercial group, and then begin deleting the non-Commercial data from that copy.


Any method of selectively copying data using the API or by directly manipulating the database is high-risk, in my opinion, because you may not correctly maintain relationships between different entities.


How much of the data in the project is just for the Commercial group?  If it is only a small amount, it may not be such a high risk to try to selectively copy data.


If you want to try to selectively copy data from one project to another, your options are:

- do it by directly accessing the databases

- do it by using the OTA API to select the data, and then post it into a new project

- do it by opening the source project and in another window a new, empty project, and then through the UIs select items to copy from the source and paste them into the empty project.


Given the size of the project, you may also want to look into the Purge Results functionality and see if there is any data that you can get rid of.

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Re: How to split a QC project

What is you main reason for this split? Is it because of too big project (slowness), maintainability or something else?


You need to move all the entities to a new project? So whole set of data related to non-commercial/commercial data? Including links between entities, attachments, favorites, etc? Did I get it right?


In this case I would consider project copy (full) and then delete unnecessary data. The problem is links between entities. Example if you have link Test Case-Test Instances-Runs-Defect, QC normal delete doesn’t work for all the use cases. But it would be much easier to make a tool for delete operations than whole copy. We have made a tool which allow you to move Test Lab data from one project to another. This is for archive purposes when your project size will grow too big.

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Re: How to split a QC project



Could you please share me tool you have used for migrating data.  Also suggest me how to archive old data before 2007 on same project.


Below approach I am planning to implement for splitting project.  

-Copy database schema to new project name.

-Restore attach folder to new location(new project folder)

-Edit dbid.xml connections and restore project through siteadmin.

-After creating new project,  will filter old defects(defects older than 2007) and manually delete.

-As the project is high we cannot create a project by selecting copy project option in siteadmin.


Suggest me if you see any difficulties on this.