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How the QTP, QC works for BPT framework?

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How the QTP, QC works for BPT framework?



I'm confused with, how the QTP, QC works for BPT framework?


In my Project, I use the BPT framework. We have Object repositories, Library Files and Business Components.


1. My question is that How the Object Repo. and Library files are downloaded when we run a single BPT test case.?

Whether all the Object Repositories and Library files are downloaded from Application Area stored in QC at every time or single time.


2. If the size of object repositories is increased whether it impact on execution performance.





Erodabasi Ataca
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Re: How the QTP, QC works for BPT framework?


you second question could be answered easy: Yes.

Each Scripted Component could have a different Application area. Therefore, I think for every Scripted Component the Application Area and with Application Area all resources and of course thelocal OR of course were loaded during a BPT Testrun (until QTP and QC 11 (ALM11)).

With QTP11 and ALM11  HP change the interaction between QC, QTP and BPT. I think, ALM11 checks when running a BPT Test in Test Lab, what is needed for this BPT. If all Components need the same Application Area, the Testrun "routine" loads the Application Area one times for all components. The performance is now much better than before. (For further details ask HP Support).


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Re: How the QTP, QC works for BPT framework?

Thanks A.E.,


In my project all the components belongs to only one Application Area.

There are around 80 BPT components and around 80 ORs and Library files.

I'm using QC9.0 and QTP 9.5.


Could you please suggest  on following

Structure is like follwoing

Application Area

Component 1,Component 2, Component 3 ........ Component 80

OR 1, OR2, ......OR 80

Library File 1,Library File 2, Library File 3 ......, Library File 80


Consider a test case with batched 5 diff. BPT components which having same Appln. Area


Test Case 1

                   Component 1

                   Component 2

                   Component 3

                   Component 4

                   Component 5


When I run this test case then,

does all the 80 ORs and 80 Library files downloaded every time when each component is downloaded?

If this is correct that means 5 times all ORs and library files get downloaded, because test case contains 5 different components.


Actually I'm facing the slow performance issue while doing test case execution.

Is there any tips/ ways to increase the performance speed? I mean by changing/optimizing the script?



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