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HP ALM MOBILE for Iphone

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HP ALM MOBILE for Iphone

Hi All !


I'm trying to use the HP ALM Mobile for Iphone and i'm receiving some errors to connect and authenticate, sometimes i cannot find the projects availables.


I've tested in 4 iphones and 1 ipad, both failed.


I receive the following answer from HP:


“About ALM app support for Iphone: ALM app has not been officially tested for Iphone and there is no roadmap to support it officially via prod support or RnD. You may find all the supported environments in ALM 11 readme, and ALM mobile app is not listed in the supported environments , hence any issues relating to it will not be supported by SaaS/ product support.

It has been noticed that the app works fine with full ALM (PC+QC) installation, and not partial installations like in this case which is QC part of ALM. However, even with full ALM installation, we cannot have any technical support officially for connectivity or any issues with ALM app as it has not been officially tested by R&D”.


Anybody had this problem ? Some suggestion ?


Urgent !




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Re: HP ALM MOBILE for Iphone

As per R&D, all you should do is to close the app and re-open it and try again.

What errors do you get during authentication?

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Re: HP ALM MOBILE for Iphone

Is it possible to filter based on custom fields?

Currently I can only filter based on "Detected by me", "Assigned to me", ID, Name and Summary. Is this set in the application or is this set by the ALM server?




Trudy Claspill
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Re: HP ALM MOBILE for Iphone


Your question appears to have nothing to do with this topic. Please start a new thread.
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Re: HP ALM MOBILE for Iphone

Hi There,


We have ALM pacth 7 installed in our server however i am not able to use my Iphone App. It authenticates successfully  however when i tap on domain/project, it says "User Logout passed" and i am back to authentocation stage.


Is there a fix for this issue?

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Re: HP ALM MOBILE for Iphone

I'm sorry, I have an even more basic question.  We just installed Patch 7, I saw the blurb about the mobile app add-in, and I can't wait to try it.  But I'm not even sure what the next step is.  The HPLN site referred to installing HP Anywhere, but I couldn't find it.  I have the iPhone app installed, but it doesn't seem to be as simple as pointing it to the server where ALM resides.  Can someone point me in the right direction?




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Re: HP ALM MOBILE for Iphone

The new set of mobile applications that were released to HPLN uses HPAnywhere framework. This is a whole new thing. Its main strength – it runs across platforms of iOS and Android and consumption of the apps can be controlled by the site admin. Take a look at ALM Defect Management for Smartphone guide for more details.


Currently we have only released a mobile defect management application (compared to the existing iPhone apps which also supports manual testing and some dashboard capabilities). In the future, we will add additional functionalities in the testing world and other areas.

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Re: HP ALM MOBILE for Iphone

I am new to HP ALM Mobile. I have installed the mobile app in my phone, but I need to know is what I need to do on the server end because I am not able to log into the QC through mobile device.

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Re: HP ALM MOBILE for Iphone

I've just installed HP ALM Mobile directly from App Store on my iphone.

And successfully logged in to my ALM 11 SP3.

Can't understand what is the problem?


I'd like to empasize that QC 10 or ALM 11.50 are not supported by mobile app.

ALM 11 without patches is not supported as well.

I'm not sure what SP or patch do you need exactly on ALM 11 - but like I said - ALM 11 SP3 - is working ok.

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Re: HP ALM MOBILE for Iphone

I am facing the same issue. Did you ever got around and was able to fix the logout issue