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[HELP] HP ALM Workflow Version Control Check-In Comments

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[HELP] HP ALM Workflow Version Control Check-In Comments

I am looking for a way to require/enforce comments when checking-in a "QuickTest" Type test through the workflow.  I have been unable to figure out a method for doing this.  I can see that the "VersionService.Checkin" (QC/ALM 11) ActionName is called/executed, but I am unable to determine what to do once that is called to check the comments edit box to ensure it's not blank, and if it is, not allow the check-in to be finalized until the comments are populated. 


I was looking at the Test_Fields.Field("TS_VC_COMMENTS").Value, but that is a database field and wouldn't be populated until after the comments are entered in the box and the OK button was pressed to complete the check-in, I have also tried to trap the "Check-in" dialogbox, but had no luck in that route as the DialogBox subroutine was not called in this instance.


Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.