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Furhter development of Agile tools in QC

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Furhter development of Agile tools in QC

We run all our dev projects in agile scrum, and are very much _feeling the pain_  of poor support for close interaction with Reqs, tests, and defects with other scrummy tools.  Even the paid integrations are poor. 


So this plays into opportunity.  Any plans for using that collabnet friendship to create an agile module that can be more 'scrumworks like' yet make strong use of traceabilty into reqs and tests?  As it is now the release and reqs modules really don't accomplish this what-so-ever.   That agile accelerator is also quite a lousy way of trying to support agile development.


Any encouraging words?

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Re: Furhter development of Agile tools in QC

I will give you some encouraging words - we are working on an agile project management module - targeted for our next major release that should better support relationship with requirements and tests.  Plus, it will track progress and backlogs with burndown rates.  Talk to your Account Manager if you are interested in learning more about this.