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(Error 3) The system cannot find the path specified

Steven Hulse
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(Error 3) The system cannot find the path specified

Good day,


Occasionally we run into the following issue with users that don't have admin rights and trying to access HPQC v10.


Currently we are on v10 (more details below) and when we either update patches or have a new user or existing user with a new system try and access HPQC through Internet Explorer, they will recieve this error.


1 . test_type.ini :
(Error 3) The system cannot find the path specified.
Failed to open file for writing

Close all connections to Server and try again.


This is during the download of the Active X components. If they try the QCClient, it works fine. Whats odd about this is even if I log in with admin rights, install the QCClient for all users and download the Active X compnents under my login (which could be part of the issue), when the user logs in and tries to access HPQC they will get the above error. If I grant the user temp admin rights, they are able to access HPQC with out any issues through Internet Explorer. So I'm sure it's some permission issue but I'm not sure what kind of permission, If it's user or browser.


I've read other posts that suggest deleting the Mercury folder which I've done but thats not quite the fix I'm looking for. With over 300 users locally and in remote locations it is a maitenance nightmare.


I'm hoping someone could explain this error a little more and offer some suggestions for resolving this issue. Keep in mind we can not provide full admin rights to all our users.


HPQC Version Info

HP Quality Center 10.00 Enterprise Edition (Patch 17)
Component                                          Build

OTA Client                               
User Interface                           
WebGate Client                           
Test Run Scheduler                       
Execution Flow                           
Site Administration Client               

Extensions                                         Version

Application Model                                  ?
Enterprise Integration for SAP applications        ?
Services                                           ?

application server type jboss
Initial value of jboss heap size (if JBoss used) 128
Maximal size of jboss heap size (if JBoss used) 1024
License key C:\Documents and Settings\shulse\My Documents\License\CABELAS INC.license
Display name HP Quality Center
Product's version 10.00

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Re: (Error 3) The system cannot find the path specified

You can try setting below for IE. hope it helps.

Internet Explorer Configuration
➤ Configure the Custom Level security settings. The Custom Level security
setting should be configured for the specific zone of the Quality Center
1.In Internet Explorer, select Tools > Internet Options. The Internet Options
dialog box opens.
2 Click the Security tab. The Web content zone of the Quality Center server
(Internet or Local intranet) is automatically selected. Click Custom Level.
3 In the Security Settings dialog box, configure the following settings.
Under .NET Framework-reliant components:
➤ Set Run components not signed with Authenticode to Enable.
➤ Set Run components signed with Authenticode to Enable.
Under ActiveX controls and plug-ins:
➤ Set Run ActiveX controls and plug-ins to Enable.
➤ Set Download signed ActiveX controls to Enable or Prompt.

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