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CaliberRM interface to QC

Jennifer M
Occasional Advisor

CaliberRM interface to QC


What are my options for syncing CaliberRM requirements with QC (v9.2)? So far I've come up with Orasi's RM Publisher or the Intergrator that apprears to come up Caliber? Has anyone had any experience of this / these?

Many thanks
Henry Floyd
Honored Contributor

Re: CaliberRM interface to QC

I though that Caliber had a add-on that allowed syncing with QC.

I try making that work before with little success so I just created my own using the Caliber COM objects and the QC API.

Anyway good luck with you evaluation
Patricia Hooks
Occasional Contributor

Re: CaliberRM interface to QC

What version of CaliberRM are you using? We've had no problem using the Quality Center add-in from Caliber with Quality Center 9.2.
Jennifer M
Occasional Advisor

Re: CaliberRM interface to QC

We are using CaliberRM 2008. We have managed to sent requirements across to QC but we have had an issue with getting the 'Requirement Type' field in QC to populate correctly. Currently all the requirements go in as 'undefined'.

Have you managed to get them to go in correctly eg Caliber Funcitonal requirement goes into QC as a Functional Requirement?

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event