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Automail / Sendmail issues

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Automail / Sendmail issues

I needed to customise the defect automail.  i.e. ensure all info was stripped out and only a link to the defect id was reported in the email body, along with the words ‘The following Defect has been amended’


I managed to do this by amending the default.xsl file and placing in a specific projects repository.


However all send email functions (in test lab, requirements etc) use the same default.xsl and their resulting emails are blank also, with just a link to their ID stating ‘The following defect has been amended’



Is there a way to use a completely separate stylesheet for just the defect automail?


Is it possible to customise the defect automail to state which parameter has been updated. 



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Re: Automail / Sendmail issues

you can write your own email feature and strip out all but the link to the defect. I did this and stopped using the automail feature. You can call the send mail function when a field has changed after posting.


Here is an example of how I send out the defect with a link and a few other things inside the email.


strSubject = "Defect " & BUG_Fields("BG_BUG_ID").value & " / CR " & CRNum &_
                " ("& Bug_Fields("BG_DETECTED_IN_RCYC").Value.Name &")" &" - Assigned to " & BUG_Fields("BG_RESPONSIBLE").value & " - Status = "&_
                strComment = "<a href=testdirector:tdqc-prod.ca.boeing.com:8080/qcbin"&_
                BUG_Fields("BG_BUG_ID").value &_
                ">Defect ID "& BUG_Fields("BG_BUG_ID").value&"&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</a>" &" "&_
                "<a href=https:/LinktoInternalWiki</a> "&_
                " </a><BR><BR><html><body><td><b>Summary: " &Bug_Fields("BG_SUMMARY").value&"</b></td>" &_
                "<BR><BR><BR><td><b>Comments: "&"<BR>"&Bug_Fields("BG_DEV_COMMENTS").value&_
                "</b></td><BR><BR><BR><td><b>Description: "&"<BR>" &Bug_Fields("BG_DESCRIPTION").Value&_
           End If
           Set objBugFactory = TDConnection.BugFactory
           Set objBug = objBugFactory.Item(BUG_Fields("BG_BUG_ID").value)
           objBug.Mail strTo, strCC, 64, strSubject, strComment
           Set objBug = Nothing
           Set objBugFactory = Nothing

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Re: Automail / Sendmail issues

Thanks Bryan


I have never used the workflow scripting, so will have a play with this.


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Re: Automail / Sendmail issues

Hi folks,


Does anybody know how/where to specify the email address for the sender of the email ? I mean the email address from which the emails are to be sent via the workflow code.