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Attachment should LOCK for closed defects.

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Attachment should LOCK for closed defects.

Once defect status is closed, I need to stop any action on defect attachments. I mean no addition, deletion / updation on attachments. (I think I am looking for defect attachment action keyword, which will help in script editor.)

Any idea how to implement this in ALM11.

Trudy Claspill
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Re: Attachment should LOCK for closed defects.

To find the Action Name associated with actions take in the UI you can add this statement:
Msgbox ActionName
to the ActionCanExecute workflow.

Note that when you add that statement, if you don't put any conditional code around it, then pop-ups will begin displaying for every UI action for every user in that project. So, only add that statement when you are going to be the only user using the project, and take the statement out as soon as you have found the action name you need.

Otherwise you need to wrap the statement with conditional code so that it executes only when the logged in user is you.
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Re: Attachment should LOCK for closed defects.

thank you so much ! This help me a lot!