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ALMTools: Open Source tools for QC/ALM

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ALMTools: Open Source tools for QC/ALM

Hello QC/ALM administrators and users,


This is to inform you that http://almtools.sourceforge.net/  is now live.


What is "ALMTools"?

"ALM Tools" is a collection of free and Open Source (GPLv2 licence) utilities for QC/ALM. Whether you are an ALM user or an administrator, you may find something for you. If you don't, and have some development skills, you could even take a tool that exists and add the features you need, without starting from scratch. You could even contribute back your enhancements and changes to the project.

More: http://almtools.sourceforge.net/free-and-open-source-tools-for-hp-alm/


Who is "we"?

Initially, those tools are coming from HP employees who are deploying or using QC/ALM. This is just to get started though. If you think that you have tools that you would like to share too, feel free to discuss on the mailing list so that we can all have a look and host them on the site, hosted by http://www.sourceforge.net/. All the tools hosted on ALMTools are meant to be released under an Open Source (preferably GPLv2) license.



ALMTools are not provided by HP Software and are not part of the QC/ALM product. There is no need to contact HP Software support for help with those tools, as it will not be able to help. If you have questions or issues, you may report them on the ALMTools users mailing list, and one of the user or a contributor may happen to be there to have a look and answer.


And now?

The first tool that has just been released is "Project Configure" ( http://almtools.sourceforge.net/qc-alm-project-configure/ ), a tool to customize an ALM/QC project through a command line (ideal to use during an automated upgrade for example). We have 4 more utilities in the pipe, so stay tuned.



Web site: http://almtools.sourceforge.net/

Mailing list: https://lists.sourceforge.net/lists/listinfo/almtools-users

Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/ALMTools




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