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ALM 11 Business Process Model

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ALM 11 Business Process Model



I am interested in what tools are popularly used or freely provided which work well in combination with ALM 11 Business Process Module.


I found that Visio 2010 supports BPMN format as indicated here:http://blogs.msdn.com/b/visio/archive/2009/12/03/bpmn-support-in-visio-2010.aspx


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Re: ALM 11 Business Process Model

I'm also trying to work through this now.  Have you found any good solutions to working with BPMN and the ALM11 Business Process module?

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Re: ALM 11 Business Process Model



As for me, if you want to create process models to import in ALM 11 BPM, BizAgi BPM could be a good choice


Also, not bad choice -  ARIS


PS. There is only one caveat, I would like to clarify. Most of BPM tools now working with BPMN  XPDL 2.2

But ALM 11 only integrate XPDL 2.1 to manage BPMN models

So you should use old version of BPMS, if we talking about BizAgi BPM, you should use v1.5

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Re: ALM 11 Business Process Model

I am using Aris  Business Architect 7.1 and have created a .xml file to import into ALM11.  The file is selected but once I click on 'Import' I get this error which looks like some internal error from ALM11 but means nothing to me.  Any ideas