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using quotation mark on request description

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using quotation mark on request description

If a user opens a request by entering quotation mark on request description we encounter with a problem.
The problem is when a request is turned to a project, there will be no value on linked project field on request. Also there will be no value on related request on project page.

Could you help us for solving this problem.
In my opinion we can allpy a rule and replace ' with a space. So that even if the requestor enters ' it is not stored in our sytem. Then there will be no error.

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Re: using quotation mark on request description

Hi Eata,


yep, you nailed it down. When running fields with quotes, square brackets or the like through a SQL (regardless of whether this is a UI-rule or a (workflow) special command, Oracle interprets the quotes and doesn't just read them as a text. You'll need to replace those characters that can show in a text-field (or it might also happen in a user-field if for instance the user has the name O'Hara by example), via a replace command.



It seems that with the release of 10g, Oracle introduced a ‘q’-escape char documented nicely with examples here:

Release 10g onwards, a new quoting mechanism is provided in the form of "q". This new quote operator allows us to choose our own quotation mark delimiter.
We’re not all too sure about the format but it could look something like this:

select CUS_FIRST_TOKEN(q'+'[TES'TIN'G#@#NUMBER1]'+') from dual
select CUS_FIRST_TOKEN(q'[TES'TIN'G#@#NUMBER1]') from dual

Check if this helps to solve the quote-issue.


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