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task 'Priority' field

Erik Cole
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task 'Priority' field

Anyone know what this does? I couldn't find any relevant info in the PM User's guide...

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Re: task 'Priority' field

Hi Eric,


No idea... but this is what I got in "Project Management User Guide"


Task Priority Field


If the Priority field for a task in HP Project Management is set to greater than1,000, when the work plan information is sent to Microsoft Project, the priorityis set to 1,000. Neither HP Project Management nor Microsoft Project allow atask priority to be greater than 1,000.

Utkarsh Mishra

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Re: task 'Priority' field

Hi Eric,


me not be sure either ;-), however, I did find the following in the Solutions Integration Guide as well as in the System Admin Guide (page 218):



determines the priority of scheduled tasks. Because scheduled tasks run in the background, it may be useful to run these tasks at a lower priority than the threads servicing user-oriented interactive tasks."


Thus, might be there to determine the priority of the user-based tasks in respect to the scheduled ones to be executed.




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Re: task 'Priority' field

Hi Erik,

It's about PMI Project Management. As a project manager you can priotize your project tasks. It haven't got any functionalitiy at background, and not trigger something.

Scheduled Task as dirkf said is another topic and not releated with tasks of projects.

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