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staffing profile labor cost reconciliation?

Erik Cole
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staffing profile labor cost reconciliation?

Question from the trenches...


We're using staffing profiles as the source for loading on our projects & proposals, and we have turned on the financial summary setting to forecast the labor cost from the staffing profiles.

We're noticing that often resources will be committed for a particular week, but not end up working that week and thus those hours need to be shifted into the future. However, if hours are just added on to a future week, then the labor forecast becomes inaccurate (increases) unless the unworked hours are removed.

Has anyone come across this, and if so how do you handle it? Make PMs adjust those hours? Do you "reconcile" the staffing profile hours with actuals in order to keep the forecasted cost correct?

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Re: staffing profile labor cost reconciliation?

couple of our customers shifting those hours to accurate data. and also one customer want from us to do like this configuration; in proposal they are planning sp but when proceed to project all those days become invalid, they want such configuration, a table component stores forecast data, users can easily change these dates on form screen, when project is created sp dates reconfirmed and a webservice running beyond that automatically create sp with updated dates. it is not the same case of yourself, if you cannot convince PMs to handle those dates, may be you can supply such an easy ui for them to change dates :)