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resource over-alloction

Nir Hadar
Valued Contributor.

resource over-alloction

Where can the resource pool manger update the different timelines (work plans) in order to correct overloads.
If, for example, a resource is allocated in 5 projects with over allocation, does his manager need to access each project separately in order to fix it?
It seems not feasible.
there is a leveling dashboard (Analyze assignment load dashboard) that shows the overallocation of resources but it is impossible for the pool manager or the project manager to actively do something from there
(I know that in Microsoft Project there is a leveling option, I'm lookimg for the parallel solution in the PPM).
Darshan Bavisi
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Re: resource over-alloction

Hi Nir,

PPM does not have automated resource leveling or resource splitting options as in MSP. The only way to correct the allocation is to do manually. This is tedious, but that's how PPM is currently. Hopefully they have automated feature in some future versions.