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removing staffing positions via script?

Erik Cole
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removing staffing positions via script?

We have a lot of staffing profiles that were created from templates. As such, they all have the same 14 positions but many of the positions are no longer required and never had any forecast. I have a requirement to "administratively" remove all positions without a forecast, as they still show up in the Analyze Resource Pools portlet & data sets. Deleting these rows from RSC_POSITIONS is easy, but then you also need to update the remaining values for STAFFING_PROFILE_SEQ for each staffing profile so there are no gaps in the numbers and this has me stumped.


Does anyone have a solution for this, or a better way to accomplish it?

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Re: removing staffing positions via script?

I think the best way would be to go the staffing profiles individually and then click on the position link to be deleted....choose "Delete Position" in the pop-up shown next.

This is the ideal way if you are not sure what all tables to update when deleting a forecasted position.