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"Undefined" Tokens from Table Component / Request Rule

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"Undefined" Tokens from Table Component / Request Rule


We recently upgraded our installation from 9.10 to 9.14 and noticed a few issues with table components, as noted below.


1.  Custom SQL rules set at the request level based on values within a table component to auto-populate a field no longer work if the value in the table component is Null. In 9.10 this was not an issue and the rule worked; however, in 9.14 the same rule no longer works and instead throws an error showing the SQL rule definition, saying "Undefined" where the token values should be passed in.  I was able to fix this by making the table component fields used in the rule Required and setting a default value to 0, however, this would seem to be a potential big issue for other users upgrading...


Is this by design?  A bug?  Or was I doing something wrong?



2.  The new layout and inline editing of Table Component data in 9.14 is nice, but having too many fields now makes it awkward to use and some of the field headers aren't fully displayed.  It seems like there should be a way to toggle between inline editing of table component data vs. the classic form for data entry as it was in 9.10. 


Also, with the table component data now all entered inline, the validation/field layout of the table components within workbench no longer makes any sense, and does not really do anything at all...


Again, perhaps I am missing something or perhaps this is all by design... but hoping someone can help me understand this better.





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Re: "Undefined" Tokens from Table Component / Request Rule



We had the same problem regarind the layout and that rules didn't work correctly.

One rule used the token [sys.user_id] however it was passing some other values of the request type.

Another rule was not working when you move further to a next step in the worklfow, the field becomes required.


So we added the parameter into the sever.conf as suggest below:


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Re: "Undefined" Tokens from Table Component / Request Rule

Hi Pepdwill,


You can use the workaorund in the post above.


This is already resolve in PPM 9.14.0003


This is the entry in the release notes:


Table rules do not work properly after upgrading to PPM Center 9.14. (QCCR1L48469, QCCR1L48048)


So, you can go ahead and update your 9.14 to 9.14.0003 (I attached the release notes)


Hope this helps!




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