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"My Tasks" portlet for other user

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"My Tasks" portlet for other user



does anybody knows if there is a portlet like the "My Tasks" portlet where I can get the tasks of a named user?

Assume I will see all tasks of user1 or user2. Than it will be great if I can have a portlet filtered by username to display all the users tasks.


Thanks in advance



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Re: "My Tasks" portlet for other user

HI Dirk,


to be honest, I don't know if we even HAVE a datasource that will be returning ALL tasks for starters. Could turn out to be very performance-expensive. IF we had that, then it should be possible to return the data to a user with the corrrect access grants and permissions. Else you might have to create a data source that returns all tasks but be warned...(see above).


Best regards,


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Re: "My Tasks" portlet for other user

Hello, Dirk (both of you :) ),


there are ways to create data sources to report on task information for other users and not to have impact on the performance - it is just a matter of SQL queries tuning and some database tuning. We have already created such portlets for our customers.




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Erik Cole
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Re: "My Tasks" portlet for other user

For one-off use, you can also look at the Capacity / Load tab of the resource.

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event