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"Cost and Earned Value Health" in Project type settings

Shravan Kathuri
Senior Member

"Cost and Earned Value Health" in Project type settings


In "Cost and Earned Value Health" tab of Project type settings, we have one option called "If actual costs exceed the prorated budget by".
1)What is the significance of this setting?
2)What is meant by "prorated budget"? How is this related to cost health?

Secondly can we have custom field for the task in workplan other than fields in "userdata" tab.
because if i have userdata field , iam not able to view this field in any of the workplan views(like Gantt view,change view...).

Actually, If custom field are possible,I am thinking that they can be viewed from Workplan Views(like Gantt view,change view...).

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event