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"Bypass Execution" issues on ITG Package deployments

Raj Ghimire
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"Bypass Execution" issues on ITG Package deployments


We recently applied 9.14 and 9.14.004 patches to our DEV instance (previously on 9.13).

Everything looks good except that "Bypass Execution" functionality in Package Side is not behaving correctly (NO issues on Request Side e.g. bypass pkg creation works fine). But when we try to "Bypass Execution" of Package execution Step as Successful or Failed, it still goes ahead and tries to perform the Migrations.   I have a ticket open with HP on this but I wonder if anyone else in this forum world has noticed similar behavior before and might have any suggestion for us.


Thanks in advance !


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Re: "Bypass Execution" issues on ITG Package deployments

Hi Raj,


I checked my 9.14.003 and it is working fine.


This seems to be a problem related with 0004 patch. Do you know if this happens with existing or new packages? or both?


I will look for a 9.14.0004 and try to see if I see the same issue.