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project manager token?

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project manager token?

Does anyone have a good token for a project's manager (FULL_NAME) that is usable from within a project issue notification?


There don't seem to be any PRJ.PROJECT_MANAGER tokens that resolve to the full name. I tried gaming it with




which would work if there were a single project manager, but some of our projects have multiple people listed and it resolves those as




which obviously won't work. Am I overlooking an easier way?

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Re: project manager token?

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The fact that a multi-select field will only work with a single entry on sending notifications is documented and an ER has been raised in the past for this:


The Project Manager field is a multi-select field. So users can select more than one PMs for their project.

However, when using the USR token in a notification to resolve the PMs, this does not work because the USR token can only resolve one PM.

There needs to be some way to allow these multi-select fields to be used with tokens and allow the tokens to resolve more than one entry.

Please see


As a workaround to this, you might want to test a replace function, to replace semi-colon in the multi-select field to #@# and make this work; the multi select-field should have #@# between values for them to resolve correctly.


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