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'null' reason code in kdrv_calendar_exceptions, (Mercury 6.0)

Alexei Malinovs
Respected Contributor.

'null' reason code in kdrv_calendar_exceptions, (Mercury 6.0)

Hello all,

In kdrv_calendar_exceptions table stored days marked by resource in his/her resource calendar as non working and working days. There is column in the table called REASON_CODE.

REASON_CODE can have following 3 values:
1. Empty - when no reason is specified
2. One of the reason codes available for the resource
3. 'null'

What does this 'null' string (it is not NULL field, it is 'null' string) means. It is not official reason code. The only logic I found that it apears only if you do not specify the reason code but in very seldom cases. In most of the cases REASON_CODE just kept empty.

Anyone have an explanation?