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need details about "Performance Log Cleanup Service"

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need details about "Performance Log Cleanup Service"

Hello All,


Can any one please let us know what is the use of "Performance Log Cleanup Service".


Did we find performance log in the sever, if so please let us know the path.



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Re: need details about "Performance Log Cleanup Service"



Part of the Action Monitor feature.


9.2 Installation and Administration Guide is the place to look.


See below some snippets from the Guide.






Action Monitor Information Log

If the latency for serving the URL request exceeds the threshold value, the captured information is saved to the thresholdLog.txt file, which resides in the <PPM_Home>/server/<PPM_Server_Name>/logs directory.




You can also use the 'UI_MONITOR_PERSIST_STATE' parameter in the Administration Console page to enable or disable persisting the captured information to the database table PPM_PERFORMANCE_LOG.





Performance Log Cleanup


Deletes data from the Performance Log table (PPM_PERFORMANCE_LOG) in the database. The
PERF_LOG_DAYS_TO_KEEP parameter determines how long records remain in the table. All records older
than the number of days specified by this parameter are deleted from the table.

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