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ksc_simple_respond or other way around.

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Varun Singh
Respected Contributor.

ksc_simple_respond or other way around.

as soon as i connect to Oracle Apps, I have to enter a Choice
$ su - sgpatch
Sun Microsystems Inc. SunOS 5.10 Generic January 2005
The information transmitted is intended only for the person or entity to
which it is addressed and may contain confidential and/or privileged material.
If you are not using this information for the express purpose of performing
your job function please log out. Any review,retransmission,dissemination
or other use of,or taking of any action in reliance upon,this information
by persons or entities other than the intended recipient is prohibited.
If you received this in error,please contact the sender and delete the material
from any computer.
You have mail.
Select The Environment....
1 : SGPATCH - Database 10.2.0
2 : SGPATCH - Applications
Enter Your Choice
If i am writing a custom Object Types:

first i will connect to server using


Now at this point of time, PPM keep on waiting to enter a choice and i have no way to handle this thing, one solution is to update .bash_profile.

My question is:

Is there any other way around or trick.. something like using ksc_simple_respond....

I know the usage of ksc_simple_respond but right at the login, you cannot use it..

Any suggestion is highly appreciated.

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Jim Esler
Acclaimed Contributor.

Re: ksc_simple_respond or other way around.

I assume you have your profile file set up to customize the session based on responses from the user that is logging in. You are right that the ksc_connect_xxx commands cannot deal with this. You can extend the profile to recognize PPM logins with conditional code like the following:

if [ $TERM != 'dumb' ] ; then


You can see what value is passed as the terminal type in the log for a check of an environment configured for the server.
Varun Singh
Respected Contributor.

Re: ksc_simple_respond or other way around.

It worked with code like this
ksc_simple_respond ". $.profile" "Enter Your Choice" "2"

---They have hardcoded the $TERM and would never be "dumb"
Arguing with a fool, proves there are two
Varun Singh
Respected Contributor.

Re: ksc_simple_respond or other way around.

Found the solution for this.

ksc_simple_respond ". $.profile" "Enter Your Choice" "2"

reading the .profile after connecting and entering value as "2"
Arguing with a fool, proves there are two
Jim Esler
Acclaimed Contributor.

Re: ksc_simple_respond or other way around.

We are using PPM 6.0 SP 14. When using the Environment Check function, the following appears in the log for checking SSH2 connectivity. Note that PPM is explicitly using terminal type 'dumb'. I don't know where this is set or if it is configurable.

Initiating key exchange.
Succeeded in key exchange.
Authenticating user.
Succeeded in authenticating user.
Opening channel.
Attempting to negotiate the terminal type.
Sent a PTY request with terminal type dumb.
Succeeded opening channel.

I am glad to hear that the ksc_simple_respond command works for you. We have not been able make it work here but maybe your notes will get us past that point if the need arises again.