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ksc_move_request_workflow not force transitioning

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ksc_move_request_workflow not force transitioning

Hi All,


We have a workflow that is calling a stored procedure to force tansition using

Kcrt_Request_Util.move_request_workflow. After the upgrade it intermittenly had an issue of not transitioning. We decided to change it to the OOTB special command ksc_move_request_workflow FORCE_TRANSITION, rather than calling a stored procedure. But then same thing had happened, it is not transitioning. We restart the instance and still not resolved.


We have decided to put back the original mechanism which is to use the stored procedure, after the instance restart it start working fine.


Anyone who had experience the same issue of not force transitioning?





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Re: ksc_move_request_workflow not force transitioning



we have not used ksc_move_request prior to 9.12, therefore I can't say that the upgrade affected it.


It is though possible that HP implemented some security feature - I know that the same user must be responsible in both source and target steps.


Hope this helps.




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Jim Esler
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Re: ksc_move_request_workflow not force transitioning

According to the log entries generated by the ksc_move_request_workflow command, it uses kcrt_request_util.move_request_workflow to perform its functions. The advantage of using the special command is that it is a supported interface and any changes would be documented. Otherwise, calling the procedure should be equivalent to using the special command.


We have seen an instance using this command with the APPROVAL_VOTE event where the move failed because a field required at the target step did not have a value. The move failed but no meaningful error was logged anywhere. I have not seen this with FORCE_TRANSITION but the situation may just not have occurred.


We have used this special command in 7.5 SP7 and 9.12 .


Re: ksc_move_request_workflow not force transitioning

Hi all,


I use ksc_move_request_workflow frequently.

It prints out a gropup id which tells you about the log.

If there is somoething wrong I find out with the following query, I find it quite handy.

If nothing wrong you don't get any result set.

By the way, I use v8.04.


FROM knta_interface_errors
WHERE group_id = <Grpup id comes from ksc_move_request_workflow>
AND message_type_id IN (10)
FROM kwfl_transactions_int
WHERE process_phase = 5
AND process_status = 7);

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event