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ksc_local_exec sleep

Super Collector

ksc_local_exec sleep

Hi All,


We have a new execution step which is doing ksc_local_exec sleep, but the we are getting the error


Error creating Process.
Cannot run program "sleep": CreateProcess error=2, The system cannot find the file specified


Please advice.





Jason Nichols K
Honored Contributor

Re: ksc_local_exec sleep


When you use ksc_local_exec, that process does not get the path information you would normally get when you she'll into the PPM user account. You need to specify the full path to any command you want to run, e.g. /usr/bin/sleep.

Jim Esler
Honored Contributor

Re: ksc_local_exec sleep

We run PPM on AIX servers and start the processes with the script. The PATH variable is set to the values defined in the profile for the runtime id and the working directory is set to $PPM_HOME. The command you are using executes with no problem in our system.


The error you are getting indicates that the $PATH variable does not include the directory that holds this command. If you are running on a *NIX system, make sure the process that starts PPM has processed the profile file. I have no experience running PPM on a Windows server so I cannot give you any advice for that environment.

Occasional Advisor

Re: ksc_local_exec sleep

Hello, I have the same issue, Did you resolved it? Please let me know.


In my case is rare because in DEV is working but in QA fail.



Tania Velásquez

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