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ksc_create_workplan fails with GUID error

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ksc_create_workplan fails with GUID error



we try to use the ksc_create_workplan special command for the intial start up of our project. But everytime we get the following error message:


ksc_create_workplan OVERRIDE_TEMPLATE_ID="30000"

The following Command Step is not subject to timing out: com.kintana.core.server.execution.CLCommentCommand


The following Command Step is not subject to timing out: com.kintana.core.server.execution.CreateWorkplan

Configuring connection...
Ready to create workplan from Project: 30678
An unknown error has occurred. For more information, please contact your PPM administrator and provide the following GUID number:
GUID=49A8C555-FC15-E668-3011-4AB0284C2AD0 null


It is weird, because we use exactly the same command for three other project types and therefore it works fine. In addtion i do not see any messages in the serverLog.txt for this error.


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Re: ksc_create_workplan fails with GUID error



i found the reason for this error. When you create a new workplan template in PPM 8.03, you have to specify the required fields "template name" and "template owner".


Atfter creating the workplan template, we made a import of this workplan template to another PPM 8.03 instance. The import was successfully, only the following information was given:


The reference to the User test.user-ar was removed, because this User could not be found in this HP Project and Portfolio Management instance. (KNTA-10628)

Then i create a new project, where a request type command was executed on the first step. The command will create a workplan using the workplan template for the project. This command will always causes the above error message. I think the value "null" after the long GUID means, that the workplan template does not have the required template owner. So i checked the template again and there is still no template owner set. After entering the admin user as the template owner, the problem is fixed.


in my opinion, this behaviour is a defect in PPM 8.03.


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Sascha Radtke