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kStart & kStop as Windows service

Gerardo Gamez
Super Collector

kStart & kStop as Windows service



I have a question, in PPM how can I convert & commands as windows services? I know there is a command to make this but I don't remember it.


I have PPM 7.5 SP4


Thanks and regards.


Re: kStart & kStop as Windows service

Hi Gerardo,


You can experiment with ./ksvc.exe in PPM_DIR/bin directory.

It has some options tells you how you do it.



Re: kStart & kStop as Windows service

been doing this but i failed.

if ever you succeed with this please share the details. tnx!

Gerardo Gamez
Super Collector

Re: kStart & kStop as Windows service

You can do this:



  ksvc list [-all true|false]
  ksvc install server-name [-kh kintana-home] [-jh java-home]
  ksvc remove server-name
  ksvc install-all [-kh kintana-home] [-jh java-home]
  ksvc remove-all [-kh kintana-home]
  ksvc sync [-kh kintana-home] [-jh java-home]

If -kh is missing, ksvc will try to determine kintana home
from the location of ksvc.exe.

If -jh is missing, ksvc will read the environment variable

The commands remove-all, install-all, and sync will only
configure services for the given kintana home.

The command list by default shows only services relative
to the given kintana-home. When supplying "-all true" all
Kintana services are displayed. The exit code is the number
of running services displayed.

If you have JAVA_HOME defined as an environment variable
and run ksvc.exe from kintana-home/bin, then you are not
required to use the -jh or -kh parameters.




Re: kStart & kStop as Windows service


you should have local admin rights to do that.

And also a service account is needed to run as service.

What sort of errors do you get?


Jason Nichols K
Honored Contributor

Re: kStart & kStop as Windows service

I realize this is an older thread, but I just successfully added a new service to a Windows server using the ksvc.exe command.

First, I had to run the Cygwin shell window as an Administrator, even though the account I log in with has local admin rights, it still had to be done. Next, I went into the $PPM_HOME/bin directory and ran './ksvc.exe install ServerName'.

The Service that was created automatically tacked on the Java Home (-jh) and Kintana Home (-kh). It pulled the Java Home from the JAVA_HOME environment variable and extrapolated the Kintana Home based on where ksvc was run. Now, in my scenario, I needed to update the -jh path. Since I was running this script under Cygwin, the path had the /cygdrive/c structure, so the service failed to start the first time. I also had to update the Run As user to use the specific PPM user instead of the default local service account. Now, the service starts and stops like a champ.
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