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cancel script execution in a workflow step?

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Jonathan Castil
Trusted Contributor. script execution in a workflow step?

Does anyone has successfully configured the execution of script in a execution workflow step?

We are writing some values in a Table validated field within a request using a procedure in another execution workflow step, when the request finish processing this we don't see the changes in PPM web until running the cache manager script on the server side, obviously this cannot apply to a end user and this is why we are trying to add the script execution to the process.

We have tried using PPM special commands since I know they can be used to run almost such things almost as it is done command prompt but we couldn't make it work yet.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: script execution in a workflow step?



I have implemented similar functionality by calling the script from an automatic step using ksc_exec.

Would you like to raise an enhancement request to HP in order to configure the application to monitor the KCRT_TABLE_ENTRIES? I am planning to do so - the more, the merrier :)



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Jonathan Castil
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Re: script execution in a workflow step?


Can you provide more details on how your automatic step is using the ksc_exec command and if there are other commands involved in your execution step?

About monitoring the KCRT_TABLE_ENTRIES table, what functionality are you expecting to gain? if this fixes my problem of not showing the content of the table when inserting it by DB then yes, this should be good to have as an enhancement. Anyway I need a faster solution than that.
I hope you can share your execution step configuration.



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Re: script execution in a workflow step?

Hi Alex, 

What you're asking for already exists since I reworked the PPM Cache Mechanism in 9.31.

Check in your cache.conf, and you'll see that you can now enable staleness check on Table components. This means PPM will always check whether a table component was modified before getting the value from the cache. 

That's one tiny SELECT SQL everytime you'll get a TC, but it's much better than disabling TC cache altogether or flushing the whole TC cache in a special command everytime one TC is modified (I know some of you do it!).

Here's the part of cache.conf that explain how to do it:

# The key used to store a table component entry is in the following format: request_id#@#parameter_set_field_id
# If you are editing table components directly in the PPM Database,
# you should modify LAST_UPDATE_DATE column on each update and uncomment the following line
# rather than disable the Table Component cache.
#cache.tablecomponent.stalenessCheck = com.kintana.crt.server.TableComponentEntryStalenessChecker

And to answer the initial question from this post about how to flush the cache from a workflow step (using ksc_flush_cache special command), everything is explained in the attached white paper that was released along with PPM 9.31. I hope you're on 9.31 or later!

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Jonathan Castil
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Re: script execution in a workflow step?

I completely agree that enabling the staleness check on table components was a much better solution than flushing cache by special commands.

We applied this and it worked well. Thank you both!