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Nisha Kurien
Honored Contributor. - JSP report

I have a new jsp report and want would like to compile and run it as a report from the PPM front-end.

While the server is running, is there a way to get this jsp file compiled? I have used the command sh and I can see the .class files in the corresponding folders.

However when I run the jsp report from the front end, I get an error:
An error occurred during command parsing.
(KNTA-10127) JSP file /web/knta/tmg/rpt/ActualTimeSummaryReport1.jspcould not be found on the server.

Is it a must that the server must be shut down and then I run the -all command? I'm trying to find out if there is a way to get this report working while the PPM server is up.

Niraj Prabhu
Outstanding Contributor.

Re: - JSP report


The tmp and work folders within /server/ location includes the compilation results. You would not be able to have this file in effect without successfully compiling this file.

I am sure bouncing the server once would definitely give you this file to be used from reports. This is the suggested approach and dont think that you will be able to do it when server is still active.

Niraj P.
Jason Nichols K
Acclaimed Contributor.

Re: - JSP report


PPM will compile new JSP files on the fly when you add a new JSP file to the file structure. I've been doing this today on a client server. That error message would tell me that it cannot find your source JSP file that the Report Type is pointing to. If the server you are on is any flavor of *nix, the file name is case sensitive, so you'll want to check that ActualTimeSummaryReport1.jsp is found in $knta_home/server//itg.war/deploy/web/knta/tmg/rpt. I hope this helps get you in the right direction.

Nisha Kurien
Honored Contributor.

Re: - JSP report

Spot on Jason! The file name was the problem. Thanks a lot!
Nisha Kurien
Honored Contributor.

Re: - JSP report

The file name was the problem.