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jump/receive steps slow

Daniel U
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jump/receive steps slow

We are having performance issues with the jump/receive steps. It takes at least 1 minute to perform a jump/receive. This is causing issues for our workflow where the request workflow can lag far behind the package workflow, resulting in some 'stuck' workflows. This is all due to the time-lag for the jump/receive steps. Is there some way to decrease this time- perhaps through a server.conf parameter?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions
Cris Robin
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Re: jump/receive steps slow

We experienced this problem also in another field.
The only way I found to override this problem is to check, with timeout, in several key steps, if the request in the right status (workflow step) or not.

Hope it help

Marlene Mazzeo
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Re: jump/receive steps slow

We had the same issue and found it was related to a recommended setting from HP/Oracle for Oracle
Run the following command from an SQL*Plus session as sysdba.

For details, refer to Oracle bug
number 5455729.

alter system set "_optimizer_connect_by_c
When we switched it back to true, the performance issues were resolved. We kept it this way for a while, and did not see the issue related to the bug.

The bug mentioned above is resolved in with a patch.

We ended up upgrading our database to and applying all recommended patches, along with the one that resolved the above bug.

We also had severe performance problems when recompiling our token-based security in our workflows, and switching that one flag from false to true only slightly helped, and that was reason for our upgrade to versus staying on