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if logic in PPM commands


if logic in PPM commands

Can I put "if" logic in a PPM command without connecting to a UNIX host?

I use PPM to perform migrations. I would like to put if logic in the command that would check a selection from an Object Type.


So, what I have is someone will select the environment, UAT Vs. Prod and based on that selection set a hostname to connect to and run the migration commands.


I have tried this just to test.

if [ [P.P_ENVIRONMENT] = 'uat' ]; then	
	ksc_comment **  UAT Server  **	
	ksc_comment [P.P_UAT_SVR]	

 This fails with the following error message.

An error occurred during command parsing.
GUID=859FCAB9-E7AD-7898-C7D6-F110FFA2AF23 Unknown or out of sequence command:
[if [ uat = 'uat' ]; then]


Thanks for any advice on how to handle this.

Jason Nichols K
Acclaimed Contributor.

Re: if logic in PPM commands

It sounds like you need to use the Condition portion of the Step Command.  Just under the Command: field, there is one labeled Condition:  You would want to put Oracle style conditionals in this field to control whether or not a command is executed.  So, in your example, the condition would be:




and then the command steps would be:


ksc_comment ** UAT Server **

ksc_comment [P.P_UAT_SVR]


You would then want to have another step for the Production server with the appropriate Conditions and Steps.

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Re: if logic in PPM commands

Use double quotes (") instead of single; it will work. Below is the example (put in both the side of IF)


if [ "[P.P_ENVIRONMENT]"  = "uat" ];

then  <your_code>;


Utkarsh Mishra

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