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html tag in ppm 9.14 field prompt not work

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html tag in ppm 9.14 field prompt not work


we have just upgraded in lab enviroment from PPM 8.03 to PPM 9.14. In the 8.03 version we customized the field prompt using html tag as you can see in the picture below.

After the upgrade, the html tags are not working anymore.

Do you know a way to use again the html tag in the field prompt?

Thanks for your help,

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Re: html tag in ppm 9.14 field prompt not work

Hi Mikia,

The tags behavior has been changed since 9.1. Html tags were disabled in 9.1 due to a security reasons. So, PPM 9.1 doesnt support HTML tags in field prompt or captions.

So, what you are seeing is the expected behavior. It may work, though PPM has never been certified for use this way (so can't be supported) so then if there's an upgrade or something in this nature, things might work differently, different behavior, etc.

Per discussions with PPM RnD department they will include this back. Ther is an Enhacement Request loggd to inlcude this in next PPM version:

QCCR1L43702 HTML color tag in field prompt does not work in 9.12

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