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how to hide the Language field at the PPM login Page

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how to hide the Language field at the PPM login Page

PPM is installed with a lot of languages (MLU).

The customer knows that PPM 'll display the logon page using the default IE language settings and he doesn't want to be allowed to select another language. That's why I'm trying to hide the language field of the PPM logon page.

'logoncontent.jsp' page.

Any clues?

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Re: how to hide the Language field at the PPM login Page



1-Whats is the PPM version?

2-Does this customer has any language pack installed?


For the Login page "language choice" field.


In PPM 8.0, if a locale without a country code was specified in the browser- for example German [de] - it would not match any of the supported locales, and it may default to the system installation locale.

The current design for versions like PPM 9.1, it tries to match by language and country code (looks for de-DE), if no match is found, then tries to match by language code only, and if still no match is found, return the default system installation locale.

Related files:


So for newer PPM releases, there is already a code logic to default the browser locale to this Language choice field in the Login Page.


There is no available option/function to hide this “Language Choice” field (I mean a HP Supported)


Sounds like an interesting customization and definitely a valid product enhancement.



Oscar Pereira