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how to handle Staffing Profiles when projects go “on hold” ?

kev marks
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how to handle Staffing Profiles when projects go “on hold” ?

We are trying to figure out how to handle Staffing Profiles (SP) when projects go “on hold”. 


We were going to put the SP to the status of “In Planning” instead of “Active” but the data will still show up on the Analyze Assignment Load  (AAL) portlet.


The AAL portlet does not have a filter for Staffing Profile status like the Analyze Resource Pool (ARP) Portlet. So if a Staffing Profile is in the “In Planning” status it shows up on the AAL portlet, which is not what we want. This clearly will display incorrect data since the project is on hold but the allocations are still being represented as work in progress.


When we put the Project status “On Hold” the SP data still shows up on the AAL portlet..


How can we handle this situation where the SP data does not show as current allocation when the project is put on hold.


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Re: how to handle Staffing Profiles when projects go “on hold” ?

Hi Kev


I agree this makes sense. I wouldn’t know however how to do this shortterm. You can see below how one customer tried working around this, but it’s not a clean solution really.


An ER had been logged for this (actually, I found a couple – this one was the most explicable one):


QCCR1L38598:  Add an “On Hold” Status entry for the staffing profile


Details Enhancement request:


Add an “On Hold” Status entry for the staffing profile that will a) free up the resources to be allocated elsewhere and b) does not remove the subproject from the resource allocation menu from the resource managers view. IF we can automate it, that would be even better (ie when sub-project goes on hold, then staffing profile automatically goes on hold too).



Currently when a sub-project goes “On Hold”, the staffing profile is still active and continues to allocate a resource based on the fact that the subproject is active. I’ve looked into it on PPMC, and it seems that the only way to free up the resource, without deleting the staffing profile, is to set the staffing profile status to Cancelled. However, when I do this, it completely removes the staffing profile from the resource managers view within the resource allocation menu. I don’t feel this is correct.



When putting it on hold Workaround none available Unacceptable It does not give the needed results. Given the options, we are having more projects placed on hold. We are looking for alternates to canceling as onholds typicaly to reactivate



see initial statement


I don’t know if you have the time to set up a similar ER description so we could log this again for the newer versions – as you are able to see, the initial ER was logged for 7.1 and is customer visible only anyway, so no-one will have a chance of seeing it, those it won’t get any customer base to start with. I don't know where you're based. If you have an SAID that also covers EMEA hours, I'll gladly pick it up. Ask for me in the ticket description as we've discussed this in the forum.


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