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how delete user on PPM 9.30

Occasional Contributor

how delete user on PPM 9.30

Hi everyone,


we want to delete some users in PPM 9.30. is there solution for this case?



Erik Cole
Honored Contributor

Re: how delete user on PPM 9.30

You don't really delete users, you just disable them by giving them an end date (that is not in the future). You can do this either in the workbenach, or by SQL update to knta_users.end_date column.

Super Collector

Re: how delete user on PPM 9.30


Like Erik mentioned, we do not delete user accounts , we disable them. I could guess, you are trying to free up licenses. In this case, we would suggest to disable the user accounts from workbench. In case, you are going for backend update , please take care of both KNTA_USERS and KNTA_USER_PRODUCTS tables.
Some times it is required to run sh A for the changes to reflect.

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event