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error when running the command ksc_create_workplan

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error when running the command ksc_create_workplan



Created a step execution at the beginning of my workflow flow for creating the work plan automatic.


the command in this format was:




But unfortunately it reports the following error:



Running command: com.kintana.core.server.execution.CreateWorkplan -projectId "39288" -overrideWpTemplateId "45081"
The following Command Step is not subject to timing out: com.kintana.core.server.execution.CreateWorkplan
Configuring connection...
Ready to create workplan from Project: 39288
Unable to create workplan for project39288
Unable to create workplan with project id:39288



IDs are correct, but he leaves the step as failure. Anyone ever seen this error?


Thank you very much!

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Re: error when running the command ksc_create_workplan



Check the ID's again as we have seen this error when the ID's not right.


Looks like there are Request ID's and Project ID's (see below).


I believe you are taking the Request ID in this case.






30183 is in the excution log. (Project created successfully with new ID = 30183, this is from table PM_Projects)

30271 is on the project list page as Project No ( This should be the pfm_request_id , not project_id).

For the command ksc_create_workplan, we need project id and template id. The project id is from table PM_Projects.

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