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confirm workflow works

Occasional Advisor

confirm workflow works

Hi ,

I have a scenariou where i want to perform some changes to a workflow but i am not sure how i can test the changes to confirm everything works fine.

Mahen M
Honored Contributor

Re: confirm workflow works

Hi Guru,
You have to test 2 changes.
1. Whether the existing Request following the workflow works fine.

2. Whether the new request works fine.

Consider, we have a workflow with total 7 steps (step 1->step 2â ¦.-> step 7).
Now I have created one request (request id # 123) using this workflow and I have proceed this request till step 4.
I have another request (request id # 456) which is at initial step I.e. step 1.
Now I modified the workflow; I replaced step 3 with new step say â step Aâ and added 2 more steps between step 5 and step 6 say â step Bâ and â step Câ .
After modifying the workflow I created some new requests, all are following the new modified workflow.
But this is not the case with existing requests.
If I opened the first request (request id # 123) and checked the graphical view of workflow, it will show the old workflow till step 4 and updated workflow after step 4. i.e. it will be something like [step 1->step 2 -> step 3 -> step 4 -> step 5 -> step B -> step C -> step 6 -> step 7]
For another request (request id # 456), it will show the updated workflow [step 1->step 2 -> step A -> step 4 -> step 5 -> step B -> step C -> step 6 -> step 7]

This is the behavior of the product.

Mahendran M
Occasional Advisor

Re: confirm workflow works

Thank you for your explanation.

I would like brief a bit more ..

I have a workflow which has two scripts.

when the workflow start it would go to the first script(this would inturn get connect to other server and check if a record exists as described in the condition. If not it would return back for step 2).
In step2 it would once again go to different server and check for some items and then come back and finish the workflow.)

Here my work was to stop the workflow going to the step 1 and directly make the workflow to go to step2 and complete the workflow.

As this is not in the Asset center itself i am unable to test.

I am a new to asset center ....

Hope my explanaition are clear...

waiting for soloutions.

Mahen M
Honored Contributor

Re: confirm workflow works

Hey buddy,
I am explaining about HP - PPM Software, Seems you are speaking about 'HP Asset Management Software'.

I am afraid to say that this sub-section deals only with HP PPM.

Please check up whether the below URL is the correct area.

Mahendran M
//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event