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configuration for two LDAPs

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configuration for two LDAPs



We have a situation where in we need to add an ldap connection to ppm which already has an ldap connected. So there's going to be two ldaps. "TRUST" is already installed for both ldaps, a test was done witht one account querying to the other ldap and the result was positive. So in the configuration we just added the ff:





com.kintana.core.server.KINTANA_LDAP_ID=CN=AD PPM,OU=AD Connection Accounts,OU=Sundry User Accounts,DC=sample,DC=LOCAL


We have no problem logging in using the accounts in the server1 ldap.

We are encountering logging issues witht the users from the second server.


"There could be a problem with your KINTANA_LDAP_ID parameter or with the KINTANA_LDAP_PASSWORD parameter values set in your server.conf file. Make sure that the username and password match those on the LDAP server. (KNTA-10845)"





For your expert advice.