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compare: planned resource and actual effort

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compare: planned resource and actual effort



I want to write a sql query to see how much days are planned for an orgUnit. example.


30 days are planned for project xyz (in the staffing profile)

7 days resource pool RPA1 in orgunit 1

3 days resource pool RPA2 in orgunit 1

15 days resource pool RPB in orgunit 2

5 days resource pool RPC in orgunit 3


now the project is running and we book our efforts on to the project.


user Mark/Thomas in resource pool RPA1 worked 4/2 days and user John in RPA2 worked 5 days = 11 days

user Tom in resource pool RPB worked 9 days = 9 days

and user Sandra in resource pool RPC worked 3 days  = 3 days


now I need a query which shows me the


12345; xyz; orgunit 1; 10 days planned; 11 days worked

12345; xyz; orgunit 2; 15 days planned; 9 days worked

12345; xyz; orgunit 3; 5 days planned; 3 days worked


I know when I go to staffing profile and click the button compare to workplan I get the same result. But I need more Information like Costcenter of the project, start_date, finish_date, Busines Unit, and so on... I get these information but cannot write the query for the planned / actual efforts.




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Re: compare: planned resource and actual effort

Hi Ramazan,


sorry, couldn't find any info on this.

Someone else might be able to help.

I'd probably check if its possible to get some of the data via data sources and create a portlet that will make that information visible.

You might want to check the portlets and modules guide to check on that.


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