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Nolan Bailey
Contributor. Single sign on failed

Hello everyone,

I'm attempting to use the PPM WebService (DemandService) on a PPM server that is protected by SSO. However, the webservice is not protected by SSO.

I'm using the UsernameOverTransportAssertion with UsernameTokenProvider (from the SDK documentation)... it was working great until we activated SSO on the main PPM site (while leaving the PPM web service unprotected).

My application is able to connect to the PPM webservice; but PPM/Mercury returns the following error.... Single sign on failed. The saved logon infomation is incorrect or no logon information is present.

Can someone suggest a solution?

Is there an administration setting or something in the code that must be changed?

Please help...?

Thank you,

Nolan Bailey

Re: Single sign on failed

Has anyone seen this issue?

The SSO solution that we're using is Siteminder.

Thanks in advance...