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change format to dd-mm-yy

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change format to dd-mm-yy


I'm very new in this system.
Need anyone to help me to change my report "target date" insted of display as October 30,2010 to 30-Oct-10.

Many thanks

Jason Nichols K
Honored Contributor

Re: change format to dd-mm-yy

If you have control over the SQL in the report, use the TO_DATE and TO_CHAR command, e.g. SELECT TO_CHAR((TO_DATE(SUBSTR(PARAMETERXX, 1, 9), 'DD-Mon-YY'), 'Month DD, YYYY') FROM KCRT_REQUEST_DETAILS WHERE ... Since dates are stored as text in the table, you need to convert it to a DATE type first, then you can reformat it however you need.
//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event