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automation for changing project periods?

Erik Cole
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automation for changing project periods?

Has anyone crafted any solutions that involve changing a project's Planned Finish Period? We're looking at locking this field and only allowing updates via a change request process. It's usually pretty trivial to update a field on a request from an execution step with values a related request, but I'm concerned that there's more to the Planned Finish Period than just updating kcrt_fg_pfm_project and pm_projects......

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Re: automation for changing project periods?


On Project's workflwow, you can create :

  1. a waiting decision step.
  2. an execution step, which will contains logic to find the newest end_period value.



On Change request side, you can create just after your approval step :

  1. an execution step, which is a "workflow jump"

The problem will be the access security grants. You can still hide decision buttons.

You can still use PL/SQL, and create a function which will alter user_id as a workaround for security access.



	P_REQUEST_ID => p_request_id ,                         --
	"PUT HERE ALLOWED USER_ID, example PPM ADMIN : 1" => p_user_id ,                               --
	P_FROM_WORKFLOW_STEP_SEQ => p_from_workflow_step_seq , --
	P_EVENT => p_event ,                                   --
	P_RESULT_VISIBLE_VALUE => p_result_visible_value ,     --
	P_DELEGATE_TO_USERNAME => p_delegate_to_username ,     --
	P_TO_WORKFLOW_STEP_SEQ => p_to_workflow_step_seq ,     --
	P_RUN_INTERFACE => p_run_interface                     --