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addResource() UI Rule Function

Patrick Danko
Occasional Advisor

addResource() UI Rule Function

Is anyone using the addResource() function in the UI rules?

The description in the docs is a bit vague. What I'm hoping is that I can use this function in a rule against user field to add/remove work against a the resource selected in that field. I've tried using this function, but it seems to just hang and "crash" the form.

Joana Garcia
Super Collector

Re: addResource() UI Rule Function

Hi Patrick, 


Finally, did you use the addResource function? Could you help me? I'm trying to use it but I have a lot of errors...

Thx a lot.



Honored Contributor

Re: addResource() UI Rule Function

How you are using it, can you paste it here and also what issue error you are facing.. please sahre the details. Here are some facts about this UI rule.


  1. Make sure the Feild "Assigned To" is enabled and have feild level security for the user that is changing it (or editable to all).
  2. The Field whose token you are passing sould NOT be multi select auto complete list


Basically what addResource() function is doing is, it will just add the user to "Assigned To" field and then who ever is assigned to "Assigned To" field gets automatically added to "Resource Section". Just make sure the auto complete list validation is single select rather than multi select.

Utkarsh Mishra

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//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event