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XML importer

andy mcmahon
Regular Collector

XML importer


I'm using the XML importer to load my new users once a week. Normally not a big list, but this week it was.

I haven't discovered a way to select LDAP authentication in the import, leaving me to login and change each user manually. Can anyone help with this?
Gary Rubinstein
Super Collector

Re: XML importer

Hi Andy,

The XML importer does not have an option for LDAP authentication.

Can I suggest that instead of using the XML importer you use the report designed to import users from LDAP. This is a more efficient way of creating new users in PPM and it also suspends users who have left the organisation.

andy mcmahon
Regular Collector

Re: XML importer


I guess I'm a little confused, because I don't know what you're talking about. What do we use to import LDAP?
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