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XML Import Utility for PPM 9.12

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XML Import Utility for PPM 9.12

I have the XML Import Utility working for PPM 9.11. Howver it does not work on PPM 9.12.


Is there anyone who can provide the utility working on PPM 9.12?




Re: XML Import Utility for PPM 9.12

Hi Judy.  Why is it that you say it is not working?  I just used the older XML utility to send 200+ projects into PPM.  Do you actually receive an error?  Sometimes Excel is really the issue.  Can you please provide a screenshot of what is occurring when you are attempting to load the file?

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Re: XML Import Utility for PPM 9.12

Hi, I'm new in ppm 9.12 and not as bulk load data, can you help me please? I read the community watching the XML import utility as the active to ppm? where I can read how it works?

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event