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Workplan token in Workflow

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Workplan token in Workflow

Hi Team,

We have an requirement to check whether the workplan is included for the project or not. so i want to handle this with token in the workflow instead of function. Is there any parameter related to the workplan is existed in the workflow. Please help me with the token if existed.



Derek Giedd
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Re: Workplan token in Workflow

I am not aware of any token for the workplan.  We implemented a check for this using three rules.  This prevents any project from being saved without a workplan.  The first two are identical except for the event. They use the rule events "Apply before save" and "Apply on Page Load" and sets a field value to Yes if the workplan exists. The sql for these rules are: 

select 'Yes','Yes'
  from pm_projects pp,
       pm_work_plans pwp
 where pp.project_id = pwp.project_id
   and pwp.entity_type = 'WORK_PLAN'
   and pwp.is_active_flag = 'Y'
   and pp.pfm_request_id = '[REQ.REQUEST_ID]'

The second rule also is triggered by the Event "Apply before save" and has a dependency on the field set by the first rule.  It uses the UI Rule showMessage('Please create workplan to continue',false)

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Re: Workplan token in Workflow


The first option i have already done in Workflow, but the second option iam not which dependency of first step i has to choose.

As you know that there is no workplan token in the request. So requesting your help on this.



//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event