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Workplan Quick View experience

Johannes Y
Regular Collector

Workplan Quick View experience



Is there anyone out there using the new Quick View workplan view in 9.31? Any feedback that you can share? Is the function mature? Any issues with either the function itself or the concept?


Happy to hear any feedback!




Re: Workplan Quick View experience



PPM 9.31 is deployed here without patches.


Work plan quick view is still 

a very bad joke.




- impossible to mask this page : Quick View is the default page when you want to edit work plan

- unable to create / move a milestone !

- not possible to select more than one line

- not possible to move several lines on the same time

- cannot zoom in / zoom out / fit Gantt view

- issues using date fields

- still no "Activity" column (and this is a huge issue for us)

- cannot edit "% complete" value

- on some cases you have to click on the line, then click on the cell that you want to edit... If you are too fast, this is considered as a double-click and you go in "Task details" page.




Johannes Y
Regular Collector

Re: Workplan Quick View experience

Hi Alex,


Thank you for your feedback, much appreciated you took the time. have you had any HP response on the mentioned issues?

Sorry to hear it sounds like it is not ready at all then.  :-(







Re: Workplan Quick View experience

If you search on support knowledge and change request you will find two pages of customer complaints about Workplan quick view page.


PPM 9.32 wil be delivered within few weeks, so we are impatient to see the release notes (and few weeks later issues discovered with this new release :-) )

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Re: Workplan Quick View experience

Whats the impression of quickview at this stage - 9.32.0002 ?

Re: Workplan Quick View experience


PPM 9.32.0002 patch deployed on our DEV instance.

Work Plan Quick View is still not mature :

  • Cannot create a milestone
  • Cannot move a milestone (either by date / or moving milestone in gantt view)
  • Gant view is hidden by default, and PPM didnt save the display configuration. So each time you open the Quick View screen, you must click on a "<" to display gantt view.
  • Cannot zoom in/zoom out gantt view
  • Gantt view didn't take care of European/France first day of week (Monday)
  • Gantt view didn't take care of "non working" days.

Even a free tool from Google Drive is better than PPMs Quick View. It's a shame for HPE.

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